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You’ll work faster, end-to-end. Get the most out of every loan.

Loan Advisor® uncovers hidden value for your business. Our data and models reveal opportunity at every stage of the lending process.

Overcome Rising Origination Costs with Digital Solutions

Digital-first lenders are leveraging our technology solutions to reduce costs and cycle times, increase pull-through rates, boost incremental yearly revenue and offer a better borrower experience. View our 2024 Cost to Originate Study to see how you can gain a competitive advantage.

Solutions for every step in the loan-building process.

Loan Advisor Spotlight

Loan Advisor Training: Master the Tools, Accelerate Your Business

Freddie Mac’s Loan Advisor Training is the fastest way to get your team up to speed on all of Loan Advisor's capabilities. With videos tutorials and other engaging content your team will learn how to:

  • Work faster by automating processes
  • Uncover hidden opportunities
  • Work through every stage of the lending process with greater confidence
A man working on his desk with a laptop and book open, while listening to something on his headphones and taking notes..

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