Loan Quality Advisor

Replace guesswork with data and analysis: Loan Quality Advisor evaluates loan data to help you determine whether a loan is eligible for sale to Freddie Mac – at precisely the point in the loan-building process when that information is most useful to you.

Eligibility Evaluated

Loan Quality Advisor provides you with feedback about Freddie Mac’s risk assessment and eligibility requirements. Knowledge is power, so by incorporating Loan Quality Advisor into your business process, you can strengthen loan quality – a key component to achieving success under Freddie Mac’s representation and warranty framework.

Purchase Eligibility Insight

Get insight into purchase eligibility well before loan delivery, including salability of correspondent loans and confirmation of potential representation and warranty relief.

Address Issues Early On

Using Loan Quality Advisor gives you the opportunity to address issues prior to close and/or delivery facilitates timely delivery while reducing cost of post-purchase data corrections.

Easy to Use

We’ve designed the Loan Quality Advisor to be intuitive and easy to navigate. There’s almost no learning curve, so you’ll get value right from the start.

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