Helping Sellers conduct business with Freddie Mac

Freddie Mac partners with Secondary Market Advisors (SMAs) to provide an efficient, end-to-end experience for conducting business with us. Our partnerships enable the bidirectional flow of data, letting your secondary marketing staff save time and improve operational efficiencies.

Establishing the Seller-SMA Relationship

Want to establish a relationship with your SMA? Fill out the Freddie Mac Access Request Form. Then, you’ll receive a confirmation email. Note, your request will take approximately three business days to process.

Questions? Contact the Customer Contact Support Center (800-FREDDIE).

Working with SMAs infographic

Pricing and Committing Loans through APIs

Freddie Mac has developed application programming interfaces (APIs) that make it easier than ever for lenders to use technology solutions to access pricing and execute cash and guarantor commitments through Loan Selling Advisor®.

API system to system integration infographic