To get started using Freddie Mac’s application programming interfaces (APIs), you’ll need access to our Developer Portal. It’s the home of our API catalog and provides self-service access to everything you need to build, test and implement our API solutions.

Who uses Developer Portal? Business users (i.e. analysts, project managers) and developers leverage the tool to perform different tasks related to API integration. Uses Developer Portal to: Browse APIs for solutions to your business challenges. Scope to build and prioritize efforts. Access standardized interactive documentation. Create apps. Build your integration. Test your build. Deploy to production.

3 Easy Steps

Business User Access:

Your access will allow you to browse the API catalog and access detailed overviews and API documentation.

Developer Access:

You’ll get all the permissions of a business user plus the ability to create, edit and view your organization’s apps.

Developer Administrator:

You’ll get all the permissions of the other two users, plus the ability to request to promote your apps. Now, App Admins can also request password resets and add/edit/delete users, by following these steps:

Step 1 – Contact your Freddie Mac representative or complete our online Contact Us form. Step 1 – Contact your organization’s administrator or product development lead. Step 1 – Login to Developer Portal using your App Admin credentials.
Step 2 – Request your personal Developer Portal username and password. Step 2 – Request your personal Developer Portal username and password AND your organization’s system-to-system API credentials. Step 2 – Click on your User ID, on the top right corner, and then select Manage Users. Select the action you’d like to choose from this screen (Reset Password/Add/Edit/Delete User).
Step 3 – Log into Developer Portal to start researching our APIs. Step 3 – Log into Developer Portal to start building and testing APIs. Step 3 – After entering the required information, you’ll be able to successfully submit your request.


Learn more about getting started in the Developer Portal.