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DPA One®

Over 400 down payment assistance programs. All in one place.

Your one-stop shop for down payment assistance.

DPA One is a free, online resource developed for housing professionals. DPA One is designed to help you quickly find, understand, and match down payment assistance (DPA) programs for borrowers who need financial assistance to purchase a home. Register today and monitor new programs as they become available.


Down payment assistance is a barrier to homeownership.

For many prospective homebuyers, saving for a down payment is the number one hurdle to pursuing homeownership. Understanding what down payment assistance programs are available, and knowing how to successfully match them to the needs of an individual, can be challenging and often a deterrent.

Until now.

DPA One delivers a centralized resource tool that brings together DPA program providers and housing professionals to successfully manage and match down payment assistance programs nationwide.


Find the right match for your clients.

DPA One allows lenders and loan officers to quickly find and match eligible down payment assistance programs for their clients. DPA One allows you to:

  • Easily enter client eligibility parameters.
  • Receive appropriately matched programs in real-time with ability to view and compare up to three matches.
  • Download results to share with clients for easy reference.

Upload and manage your programs. All in one place.

Powered by Freddie Mac, the mission of DPA One is to overcome the down payment hurdle and centralize municipal, local, and state level down payment assistance programs under one powerful platform. With DPA One, down payment program providers can:

  • Update, publish and manage DPA program information on demand.
  • Save time and resources with an efficient submission process using a standardized format.
  • View other DPA programs offered nationwide.