Close More Loans With Confidence

Condo Project Advisor helps you understand what’s needed for compliance and know exactly where the condo project stands with clear statuses.

NEW! Check if the project is eligible for the new Project Certified status.

Get Fast Results

Get fast notification of unit-level exceptions for otherwise ineligible condominium projects that require special review or examination.

Waiver Exceptions

Request waiver exceptions for delinquent assessments, excessive commercial space, pending litigation and more.

Representation and Warranty Relief

Get rep and warranty relief related to requests on approved unit-level project waivers.

Project Assessment Request (PAR)

Request an assessment of a condo project to obtain information about a condo project’s compliance with the project review requirements assessed by Condo Project Advisor

Project Waiver Request (PWR)

Request unit level exceptions for existing condominium projects early in the loan origination process, so you can close more condominium loans.

Not Eligible Status Data Form

Use this form to find out if a condominium project has been assigned a Not Eligible status or to initiate an appeal of an existing Not Eligible status.

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