Greater insight into project eligibility with new "Project Certified" status

A new status to the Project Assessment Request (PAR) capability in Condo Project Advisor® called “Project Certified” means:

  • Minimal project underwriting
  • Less documentation
  • Time and cost savings
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Condo Project Advisor

Fast, simple condo waivers and feedback on compliance with project review requirements for greater purchase certainty. Condo Project Advisor lets you request unit-level exceptions for existing condominium projects early in the loan origination process, so you can close more condominium loans.

Effective October 24, 2022, Project Assessment Requests (PARs) can help you focus condo project reviews and drive workflow to supercharge your condo loan origination.

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Get Fast Results

Get fast notification of unit-level exceptions for otherwise ineligible condominium projects that require special review or examination.

Waiver Exceptions

Request waiver exceptions for delinquent assessments, excessive commercial space, pending litigation and more.

Representation and Warranty Relief

Get rep and warranty relief related to requests on approved unit-level project waivers.

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