Loan Collateral Advisor

We’ve improved Loan Collateral Advisor to make it even more useful to your business. Now you can more easily QC and analyze your appraisal valuation risk. We’ve also simplified risk scoring and increased rep and warranty eligibility – among other enhancements.

Accurate Evaluations

Appraisals submitted to Freddie Mac through the UCDP® are seamlessly integrated and automatically flow to Loan Collateral Advisor – to help you more easily analyze appraisal reports and get a view of their valuation risk.

Efficient Appraisal Review

Efficient appraisal review with a single risk score and real-time, actionable risk-assessment feedback.

Enhance Your Reporting

Enhance your reporting with exportable results and have fast access to the information you need with robust search capabilities.

Reduce Your Risk

Reduce repurchase risk by getting an immediate assessment of the loan’s eligibility for collateral rep and warranty relief.

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