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Our Servicing Vision: Focus on Retention, Minimize Loss and Reduce Servicer System Risk

Mike Reynolds, our new Head of Servicing, outlines his vision and goals for servicing including promoting affordable, sustainable homeownership by driving down credit losses and managing risk.

By Mike Reynolds, Freddie Mac

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  • More Transparency for Condo
    Loan Originations

    A new form is now available for authorized HOA representatives and Freddie Mac Seller/Servicers seeking information as to whether a condominium project has been assigned a “Not Eligible” status.

  • More Clarity in Condo Project Advisor

    Now you can find more clarity into condo project eligibility with the new Project Assessment Request (PAR) Not Eligible status.

  • Trended Credit Data and March 2024 LPA Release

    We’re announcing that trended credit data will be required in LPA submissions later this year. Plus, get the latest on the March release that includes updates for AIM, specification retirement and more.

  • Loan Selling Advisor February 2024 Updates

    New ULDD Revisions page, Mandatory Cash Screen Enhancements, Condo Not Eligible Status, plus more.

  • Loan Product Advisor Specification v5.4.00 Preview

    Get a first look at the new Loan Product Advisor® specification version 5.4.00.

  • January 2024 Loan Quality Advisor® Releases

    December releases include updates for biannual credit reporting companies (CRCs) and technical affiliates (TAs), an updated message matrix for Loan Quality Advisor®, four new Party Role Type messages to the system messages, added a new PAR finding status for condominium projects, an update to Loan Quality Advisor Data Compare, new critical purchase eligibility edits in Loan Selling Advisor® and an update on HeritageOneSM and BorrowSmart®.

  • Digital Certificate Renewals – January and February 2024

    Learn about potential impacts related to digital certificate renewals for some system-to-system (S2S) API-based integrations.

  • Scheduled Maintenance for Freddie Mac Technology: March 1-2, 2024

    Find out about scheduled maintenance for specific tools on March 1-2, 2024.

  • Resolve Release Summary

    Learn more about the latest and upcoming capabilities that are launching iteratively in Resolve, the new default management solution.

  • Now Live: Unacceptable Appraisal Practices Fatal Message

    Learn about practical examples of language that could trigger the new Loan Collateral Advisor fatal severity message and guidance on how to clear the message if you receive it.

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