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Asset and Income Modeler (AIM)

AIM is a capability within Loan Product Advisor® (LPASM) that automates the assessment of borrower assets, income and employment for lenders. By leveraging the expertise of third-party service providers, AIM helps deliver a simpler, more efficient loan origination process.

What AIM Can Do for You

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Assess Assets

AIM assesses total assets from account data such as depository accounts (e.g., checking, savings), securities, retirement accounts, gifts and grants.

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Assess Income

AIM assesses income using account data, tax data and employment data (e.g., payroll information, paystubs, tax transcripts).

Automate Verification

Automate Verification

AIM automates the 10-day pre-closing verification based on employment data or direct deposits in the asset transaction data.

Choose Data Over Docs and Boost the Bottom Line

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Optimize Efficiency

An automated process means you close faster and reduce costs per loan.

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Improve Loan Quality

Loans originated using just AIM are two times (2.1x) less likely to produce defects and become delinquent.

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Get R&W Relief

Eligible loans may receive R&W relief when leveraging verified income and asset data.

Delight Borrowers Icon

Delight Borrowers

Less documentation means a smoother lending process.

AIM Service Providers

Connect to Freddie Mac verified third-party service providers of AIM related capabilities.

AIM Service Providers