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Resources for Responsible Lending

Focus on Credit, Capacity and Collateral

Focusing on credit, capacity, and collateral – the "three C’s" of underwriting, is key to delivering high quality loans.


Learn how to assess a borrower's credit using an automated underwriting system like Loan Product Advisor® or by manually underwriting the loan.


Learn how to analyze and document a borrower's assets, acceptable sources of funds, income and employment history.


Improve proficiency in reviewing appraisal or property inspection reports to meet Freddie Mac requirements.

Improve Your Loan Manufacturing

Having a rigorous post-funding quality control program and sound pre-funding quality control practices will help prevent mortgage fraud and deliver high-quality loans.

Quality Control and Fraud Prevention

Review the resources below to help better understand our quality control and fraud prevention processes.

Meeting Purchase Requirements

Learn how Loan Product Advisor and Loan Quality Advisor provide greater confidence that the loans you sell to Freddie Mac meet our purchase requirements.