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Our API Solutions

Leverage data to deliver value throughout the mortgage process.

Unlock Opportunity

Our APIs deliver data at the point in the process that you need it to create efficiency and overcome challenges. Explore a few practical ways you can leverage our APIs to unlock opportunities for your business.

Capacity Assessment

What if you could make smarter, earlier prequalification decisions that deliver a superior borrower experience? With AIM Check you can get a preliminary assessment of borrower employment and/or income information before you submit a full application to Loan Product Advisor®.

Learn more about Origination APIs.

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Affordable Products

Looking for a way to grow your business while helping more low-income borrowers choose their optimal mortgage path? With Affordable Check, you can get a preliminary assessment of Freddie Mac affordable product eligibility, including Home Possible and HFA Advantage, before submitting a full application to Loan Product Advisor®.  

Learn more about Origination APIs.

Multifamily homes


Ever start a loan application, only to find out later on that the property is a condo? This can mean tracking down more information, completing additional forms, getting it approved – leading to rework and delays. With Property Insights you can get property and appraisal data early in your process – helping you and your borrowers avoid late, unwanted surprises.

Learn more about Origination APIs.

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Our Pricing and Committing APIs help you increase pricing accuracy and save time by quickly comparing live quotes and complete pricing against all of your execution options.

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Default Management

Enable your frontline staff with instant workout decisions for homeowners in need. With just a few data points, Resolve APIs deliver decisions, rationale, terms and more – saving significant time per workout case.

Learn more about Resolve APIs.

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Mortgage Insurance

Scale and streamline your MI related activities for reconciliations, claims and cancellations. Total MI APIs bring transparency to a new level for the tri-party workflow. 

Learn more about Total MI APIs.

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APIs Throughout the Loan Process