Accepting electronic documents since 2005

The use of electronic loan documents does not have to be an “all or nothing” approach. You can use a hybrid strategy – combination of paper and electronic versions. Freddie Mac accepts a combination of printed and electronic versions of loan documents.

You can start using electronic documents for the initial loan application and all required disclosures with your potential borrowers. You can then have some or all closing documents signed electronically, including those created by your third-party service providers.

If you originate eNotes (an electronically-signed promissory note), Freddie Mac has additional requirements and an approval process for selling eMortgages.

Lender Benefits

Get started today so your business and your borrowers can begin to enjoy the benefits from using electronic loan documents including:

  • Giving your borrowers more time to review and understand closing documents, which can lead to a positive closing experience.
  • Reducing and making it easier to manage last minute issues with loan closings.
  • Making it easier to track and document disclosure timelines for regulatory compliance. 
  • Streamlining your processes and lowering your costs with the elimination of scanning or photocopying documents, mailing documents to borrowers and storing hard copies.
  • Sharing documents securely and more efficiently among the parties involved in loan closings.

Getting Ready

If you're ready to get started using electronic documents for your initial disclosures and closing documents (other than eNote), download our checklist to help guide your use of electronic documents and signatures.

If you are using eNotes, we’ll help you with our approval process to deliver and sell eMortgages.

Find Closing Agents Fast

Closepin (link in Additional Resources) allows you to search a network of closing agents to find agents who are ready to conduct your desired type of eClosing (hybrid eClosing, remote online eClosing). Contact Closepin directly with questions related to the search tool.

Closepin is a third-party service provider and has no affiliation to Freddie Mac. The decision to use the Closepin service is completely voluntary and is not required by Freddie Mac. Their inclusion on this page is only for informational purposes and does not imply an endorsement.