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Working with Housing Finance Agencies

Working in collaboration with housing finance agencies (HFAs), Freddie Mac is committed to advancing affordable, sustainable homeownership.

How Freddie Mac Works With HFAs

For more than 50 years, state and local HFAs have played a key role in our nation’s affordable housing ecosystem, providing affordable mortgages and down payment assistance to very low-, low- and moderate-income borrowers, especially first-time homebuyers. Freddie Mac supports HFAs’ important work by providing liquidity, boosting awareness, collaborating in developing and implementing targeted affordable housing initiatives, and offering dedicated support to HFAs and their business partners.

New HFA Advantage® Mortgage Enhancements

Our HFA Advantage® mortgage was specifically created to support state and local HFAs’ affordable lending efforts. We’ve added the following new enhancements to help you qualify more borrowers so they can achieve their homeownership goals.

  • Two- to four-unit primary residences: Maximum 95% loan-to-value (LTV) and 105% total loan-to-value (TLTV) ratios.
  • Manufactured homes: Maximum 95% LTV and 95% TLTV ratios. 
  • Non-occupying borrower(s) allowed.

Qualify More Borrowers with HFA Advantage®

"The Freddie Mac HFA Advantage mortgage creates opportunities for more borrowers. It helps us to increase homeownership and build strong families within our community."

Valenthia Doolin
Director, Homeownership Programs
Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency

Future Homebuyers and Borrowers​