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Correspondent XChange®

The Correspondent Option


Through Correspondent XChange, you can transfer your loans via Loan Selling Advisor® to an aggregator. Start by working directly with your aggregator to register and lock in your loans. The aggregator provides you with product and loan delivery data requirements and a loan number.

In this relationship, Freddie Mac is the middleman; the process begins and ends with the aggregator. You’ll benefit from tri-party relationships with Freddie Mac-approved correspondent lenders to easily transfer your loans to aggregators.

Need liquidity? Sell through these correspondent programs:

CorrAdvantage with Truist Bank

This partnership between Freddie Mac and Truist Bank helps you enhance your competitive options. Learn more.

Easy D with U.S. Bank

This servicing-released execution delivers a tri-party relationship between you, Freddie Mac and U.S. Bank. Learn more.

Ready to sell your loans with Correspondent XChange? To get started, fill out this short form.


  • Pricing
    • Receive correspondent lenders' most competitive funding.
  • Quicker Funding
    • Get faster warehouse line turnaround.
  • Operational Efficiency
    • With limited file reviews.
  • Expanded Credit Box
    • Take advantage of correspondent lenders' credit terms.
  • Direct Relationship with Freddie Mac
    • On any post-closing quality control activities.
  • Servicing Platform Strength
    • Work with correspondent lenders chosen by Freddie Mac.