A Competitive Servicing-Release Execution

CorrAdvantage is a partnership between Freddie Mac and Truist Bank, one of the largest financial services holding companies in the United States. Launched in 2007, CorrAdvantage was created to provide a competitive alternative to correspondent outlets. Since that time, the program has sold more than $85 billion in volume and has grown to serve the needs of customers of all types and sizes.


Operational bifurcation Seller is responsible for selling representations and warranties, and Truist Bank is responsible for the servicing representations & warranties.
Streamlined loan delivery Electronic loan file images and the Freddie Mac Loan Selling Advisor® simplify loan delivery.
Tri-Party Relationship Loans sold through CorrAdvantage count toward minimum required Freddie Mac production.
Minimal credit overlays You'll have more certainty in what you are able to sell and a wide array of mortgage products as you can take advantage of Truist Bank's contract waivers.
Enhanced pricing Better pricing for maintaining the selling reps and warranties on the loans you sell. Offering both mandatory and best efforts delivery options.
Streamlined pre-funding review Eliminates credit stops, resulting in significantly improved funding times.
No explicit minimum dollar delivery volume to participate Able to support all sizes of customers.
Comprehensive support Work with a dedicated team at Truist Bank for your loan production.
Award-winning servicing platform

Winner of multiple J.D. Power awards.



CorrAdvantage with Truist Bank process graphic

Getting Started

If you're interested in participating in CorrAdvantage, you must meet certain criteria. For information, contact your Freddie Mac or Truist Bank representative.