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Co-Issue XChange®

The Convenience Option

In today’s market, you might be dealing with fewer originations and thinning margins – making you think of new ways to increase liquidity. If you’re considering transferring Servicing Contract Rights (SCRs), use Co-Issue XChange to transfer them to a Servicer of your choice at the same time you sell the loan to Freddie Mac. Negotiate directly with the Servicer on servicing contact rights pricing, loan-level eligibility, volume requirements and overlays.

View the list of Transferee Servicers interested in assuming your Freddie Mac SCRs on a non-bifurcated and bifurcated co-issue business.

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  • Price Certainty
    • Your chosen Servicer can lock in the servicing contract rights price in advance.
  • Bifurcation Options
    • Co-issue is offered on a bifurcated or non-bifurcated basis. Bifurcation is the separation of selling representation and warranties from the servicing representations and warranties at the funding or settlement date.
  • Direct Relationship with Freddie Mac
    • If you choose a bifurcated option, you work directly with us on any post-closing quality control activities.