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Servicing-Released XChange®

Three servicing-released executions to match your needs.

Discover Your Servicing-Released Options

Transferring your Servicing Contract Rights (SCRs) can bring in quick cash to offset shrinking originations and margins as rates increase and inventory tightens. Whether you’re looking for the best price, convenience or a correspondent method, we have the Servicing-Released XChange execution to fit your business needs. Transfer your servicing contract rights the way you want:

  • Cash-Released XChange® - If you’re looking to maximize your servicing-released premiums (SRPs), this execution is for you. Sell any number of fixed-rate loans for cash and transfer the servicing rights in the same transaction. Freddie Mac has also identified and approved multiple Transferee Servicers to bid on your servicing contract rights, so you know you’re getting the best price.

  • Co-Issue XChange® - Consider this execution if you’re looking to maintain relationships and choose your servicer. Negotiate a purchase and sale agreement (PSA) directly with the Servicers of your choice. This may include SCR pricing, loan-level eligibility, monthly volume requirements and overlays.

  • Correspondent XChange® - If you're a correspondent looking to sell through a correspondent lender, this is the execution for you. A tri-party relationship allows you to take advantage of the correspondent lenders’ credit terms while also retaining the ability to deal with Freddie Mac on any post-close quality control activities.

Ready to transfer servicing rights through Freddie Mac? To get started, let us know which executions you’re interested in. Fill out this short form.

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