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Freddie Automated Servicing Transfer (FAST®)

Saves time, simplifies servicing transfers. That’s FAST!

With FAST, there's no need to create a servicing dataset or conform to a Servicer’s unique data and documents delivery requirements. 

FAST Now a Service in Freddie Mac Loan Advisor®

FAST is now a service in Freddie Mac Loan Advisor, and users have a new way to log in. (There is no change to access for users who get into FAST through our SFTP interface.) Users can register for FAST through Loan Advisor through Freddie Mac Access Manager. To navigate FAST, follow step-by-step instructions.

Watch How FAST® Works

Experience the power of FAST when you sell through Cash-Released XChange®, our competitive price servicing-released execution. With FAST, you can easily upload loan files and minimize delivery errors.

Person typing on computer with data and charts surrounding the image

A Great Transition: A Lender Simplifies Serving Data Delivery with FAST®

Northeast Home Loans used FAST to solve for needing to meet different requirements for each Servicing Contract Rights Transferee Servicer they work with. FAST is streamlining their entire process. “From a performance perspective, we move much faster. That’s a huge benefit.” - Tina Johnson, senior vice president and secondary market officer, Northeast


  • Simplifies Servicing Transfers

    Make it easy on yourself and your Servicers

  • Saves Time

    Cut how long it takes to deliver servicing documents and data

  • Lowers Costs

    Shrink the typical price tag for transferring servicing