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  • June 2024 Loan Quality Advisor® Release Updates

    June releases include reminders related to ULDD Phase 4a/5, bi-annual credit reporting companies (CRCs) and technical affiliates (TAs) updates, incomplete processing feedback messages, Condo Project Advisor identifiers, a reminder on trended data requirements and a new caution message

  • July 2024 Loan Product Advisor Release and Reminders

    In the July release, we’re implementing revised feedback messages related LPA specification version transition. Plus, get reminders about collateral R&W relief feedback messages and trended data.

  • Upcoming MFA Enhancements for Accessing Freddie Mac Technology

    Effective July 1, 2024, we’re making enhancements to the MFA process when accessing Freddie Mac applications.

  • June 2024 Loan Coverage Advisor Release

    We’ve added a new rep and warranty relief reason to Loan Coverage Advisor® to give you more insight into COVID-19 forbearance loans.

  • Now Live: ULDD Phase 4a and 5 Plus More Updates

    Get the details on ULDD Phase 4a and Phase 5 and additional enhancements.

  • June 2024 Loan Product Advisor Release

    Learn more about updated AMI limits in LPA, new feedback messages to help identify collateral representation and warranty relief eligibility more clearly, bi-annual updates to our CRCs and TAs and more.

  • Loan Selling Advisor May 2024 Updates

    Updates to Loan Selling Advisor include our newest Cash-Released XChange® Transferee Servicer, Duty to Serve credit fee cap, ULDD updates and loan delivery eligibility rules.

  • 2024 Home Possible RISE Awards®

    Freddie Mac is honored to announce the winners of the 2024 Home Possible RISE Awards® The Home Possible RISE Awards® recognize excellence in originating Freddie Mac Home Possible® and Freddie Mac HFA Advantage® mortgage loans.

  • Qualify More Borrowers: Updated AMI Limits Released

    Updated 2024 area median income (AMI) limits announced.

  • Go Beyond Traditional Credit with Borrower Cash Flow Assessment

    Learn everything you need to know about leveraging borrower cash flow assessment in Loan Product Advisor® to qualify more borrowers and get your submissions closer to an Accept.

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