Foreclosure Sale Reporting

Report sale results, timely.

Report foreclosure sales (REO, third-party sales, FHA/HUD VA conveyances and deeds-in-lieu) within 24 hours from the date of sale or other action to begin REO processes, settlement.


Timely return of Servicer credits

Meet Single-Family Seller/Servicer Guide requirements easily with simple and timely reporting of foreclosure sales and deeds-in-lieu.

Quick Reporting

Notify Freddie Mac of the foreclosure sale results through your submission no later than the business day after the date of the foreclosure sale. The reporting process is simple and facilitates Guide compliance. Detailed reports are available monthly via the Servicer Performance Profile.


The tool offers transparent and clear error messaging to help you understand what your next step is in the process.

Comprehensive Tracking

Report and track your loan-level activity, deeds-in-lieu, and more directly within Foreclosure Sale Reporting. Just one click to know where your submissions are in the process.

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