Loan Selling Advisor

Loan Selling Advisor integrates all secondary marketing functions, from pricing to contracting to funding to loan delivery, making it easier for sellers to deliver loans to Freddie Mac – and deliver results for their business.

Delivering Results

Freddie Mac Loan Selling Advisor, our solution for your pricing, contracting and loan delivery needs, helps you easily deliver loans to us with greater confidence that they meet our requirements.

Intuitive Navigation

A top-level navigation structure that’s easily accessible and always visible, an improved presentation of large tables for easier viewing and navigation, as well as clearer, cohesive, and more actionable purchase edit messages that are also reflected in Loan Quality Advisor.

Simplified Selling

Simplifies the selling process by integrating pricing, contracting, loan delivery and allocation, note certification and settlement functions into one system while providing real-time price quotes to help you determine your best execution.

Robust Reporting

Provides custodial certification and warehouse lending support, allows historical data retrieval, export and reporting to support your process and audit needs, and provides a fully functional customer test environment.

See what makes Loan Selling Advisor a powerful tool for sellers.

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