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Loan Selling Advisor® FAQ

General Loan Advisor Questions

Find answers and advice for Freddie Mac's pricing, contracting and loan delivery tool.

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  1. What is Loan Selling Advisor?

    Loan Selling Advisor is Freddie Mac's online system for purchasing mortgages. It integrates all secondary functions from pricing to funding and helps you easily deliver mortgages to us under a variety of executions.

  2. How do I get started with Loan Selling Advisor?

    To start using Loan Selling Advisor you'll need to provide Freddie Mac with information regarding authorized Loan Selling Advisor users and their roles. You submit this information by completing and submitting the required forms.

    • Access Manager: Sellers can request their Access Manager Executive Administrator to provision them access to authorized users of the tools available through Loan Advisor, each of which are listed in Access Manager.
    • If your company does not use Access Manager, click here to access Loan Advisor Registration form.
  3. What Loan Selling Advisor training or resources are available?

    Freddie Mac offers multiple training resources and opportunities. Please see Freddie Mac Learning for more information, including self-study tutorials available 24/7 and training for new users.

  4. What information do I need to provide to sell a mortgage to Freddie Mac?

    The Single-Family Seller/Servicer Guide (Guide) contains Freddie Mac's requirements for the purchase, sale and servicing of mortgages. For more information on how to access the Guide, visit our Guide web page. We periodically publish updates to these requirements through Guide Bulletins and Industry Letters. To receive notice of these updates and other important information, subscribe to our updates. 

    For more information on specific data fields that must be delivered in Loan Selling Advisor,  review Guide Chapter 6302 and visit our Uniform Loan Delivery Dataset page.

  5. When is Loan Selling Advisor available?

    Please click here for Loan Selling Advisor hours of operation, and be sure to sign up for our Technology System Alerts to stay updated on any developments.

  6. What additional help is available if I have questions?

    In addition to the online resources mentioned above, our Customer Support Contact Center Team can be reached by calling 800-FREDDIE.