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Automated Collateral Evaluation (ACE)

Loan Product Advisor® ACE leverages our proprietary models, along with historical data and public records to let you to originate Freddie Mac-eligible loans without a traditional appraisal.

ACE Your Way to Closing

ACE is one of the 5 options to evaluate collateral. ACE models determine the acceptability of the value and assess the condition and marketability risks. ACE lets you originate eligible loans without an appraisal – saving you (and borrowers) time and money.

How ACE Works

Step 1:

Submit loans to Loan Product Advisor® before you get an appraisal

Step 2:

Provide an estimated value of property (for refinances) or purchase price (for purchase).

Step 3:

Review the Loan Product Advisor Feedback Certificate to see if the loan is eligible for ACE.