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ACE Eligibility Table

To be eligible for ACE, the loan must be submitted to Loan Product Advisor and delivered to Loan Selling Advisor. The below table provides a summary of eligibility. For a complete list of requirements, please refer to the Single-Family Seller/Servicer Guide.

Eligible LoansIneligible Loans
  • Loan Product Advisor Accept risk class
  • 1-unit primary residence or second home
  • Condominium units*
  • No cash-out refi transactions with LTV/TLTV less than or equal to 90%
  • Cash-out refi transactions with LTV/TLTV less than or equal to 70% for primary residences and 60% for second homes.
  • Purchase transactions with LTV/TLTV less than or equal to 80%
  • An appraisal has been obtained and submitted to the UCDP®
  • Loan Product Advisor Caution risk class
  • Investment properties
  • 2- to 4-unit properties
  • Manufactured home or leasehold estate
  • Properties with resale restrictions, excluding those subject to age-based resale restrictions
  • Construction Conversion and Renovation Mortgages
  • Non-arm's length transactions
  • Purchase of REO properties (as identified in the sales contract)
  • Texas Equity Section 50(a)(6) mortgages
  • Mortgages with an estimate of value or purchase price greater than $1 million
  • Freddie Mac Relief Refinance Mortgages℠ – Same Servicer or Open Access

*Condominium unit loans that are eligible for ACE must still comply with Freddie Mac’s condominium project review and eligibility requirements.