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Supporting Consumers

Your borrowers all have one thing in common: They need information.

As a housing counselor, you are a primary source of information for homeowners facing foreclosure, first-time buyers and lower-income borrowers. To support your efforts to provide the best information, education and guidance possible, Freddie Mac has assembled a wealth of educational materials – many available in Spanish as well as English – to help you do your work more effectively and, in doing so, make our work a little bit easier.

Homeowners Facing Foreclosure

Today, more than ever, protecting a home from foreclosure is of great importance. View our resources for best practices in foreclosure intervention counseling.

First-time Homebuyers

Help first-time homebuyers navigate the complex home-buying process. Use these valuable resources to learn more about our mortgage products and training opportunities, help first-time homebuyers get started and assist business sources in preparing mortgage-ready homebuyers.

Homebuyers with Lower Income

Help borrowers find a responsible affordable lending opportunity. Use these tools and resources to reach first-time and low-income borrowers and educate them about the benefits of homeownership. Learn about our affordable lending offerings to get buyers in the right home with the right loan.

Mortgages to Meet Client Needs

Through our lender network, Freddie Mac offers flexible mortgage options that are tailored to the individualized needs of your clients. So they can get the mortgage that’s right for them.

Additional Online Resources