Reach more Veterans in high-cost housing markets, and provide these Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)-eligible borrowers with more homeownership opportunities with VA Mortgages. 

For example, VA-eligible borrowers can use VA benefits with loans that have a higher OPB; this is important in high cost areas such as California, New York and New Jersey.

Our VA mortgage offering provides all the existing benefits under the current Department of Veterans Affairs program, and allows an original principal balance (OPB) to $424,100 for the U.S. mainland, and $636,150 in Alaska, Guam, Hawaii and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Plus, with Loan Product Advisor's streamlined processing, you can approve Accept loans without VA automatic underwriter approval.

A VA Mortgage allows you to provide homeownership opportunities to a new borrower segment and increase your origination volume and sell VA mortgages to Freddie Mac through Loan Selling Advisor® using our Fixed-rate Cash, Fixed-rate Guarantor, or MultiLender Swap executions.