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Quality Control Advisor® FAQ

General Quality Control Advisor® Questions

Find answers and advice to help you manage your post-funding quality control process.

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  1. What is Quality Control Advisor?

    Quality Control Advisor helps you manage the complete end-to-end quality control and remedy process. You can view samples and loan statuses, upload loan files and missing documents and manage remedies and view multiple reports, such as trend analysis and deficiency reports.

  2. What information does Quality Control Advisor provide?

    Quality Control Advisor has these key functions that help you throughout the entire post-funding quality control process:

    • Loan File Management: Manage the complete QC loan file review process, including viewing monthly samples, uploading loan files and missing documents and viewing the status of loan reviews.
    • Remedy Management: Monitor the remedy pipeline by easily tracking the status of the remedy requests, the appeals process and the number of days from the date of a repurchase request to prevent repurchase late fees.
    • Management Reporting: Manage overall QC and remedy data through flexible reports and customizable dashboards to help identify and correct loan manufacturing process deficiencies.
    • Miscellaneous: Submit adverse self-reporting loans and non-QC sample files.
  3. How do I know the status of my QC loan review?

    The Loans tab enables you to see the loan review status of every loan in your sample—including those currently under review, under appeal or completed—and filter data by a specific loan or group of loans that you want to review. This instant access to your data saves you time by answering your questions immediately, instead of relying on outdated reports.

  4. How do I know how many outstanding loan files or missing document requests I have?

    The Quick Reports page provides a view of all outstanding loan files and missing document requests and allows you to review loan details including the request date, order date and due date. You can also export the data or quickly upload one or more files or documents to resolve an outstanding document request. The ability to manage the entire outstanding file and document process from start to finish, without ever having to exit the tool, saves time, improves efficiency and provides instant answers to your loan file and document request questions.

  5. What is the best way to deliver loan files, missing documents and appeals to Freddie Mac?

    Use Quality Control Advisor to quickly and easily upload your loan files or documents. You can upload a document individually or up to 20 at a time. Quality Control Advisor immediately records all uploaded files for easy tracking, so you always know when a file or document is uploaded successfully.

  6. How do I know if the missing document that I submitted fulfilled Freddie Mac's requirement?

    On the Document Request tab, you can view your current and previous missing document requests and easily search for a specific loan or a group of loans about which you have questions. The search results provide the missing document request date, the date that Freddie Mac received the document and the status of the missing document: accepted or rejected. The status confirms whether Freddie Mac received your missing documents, so you'll always know if you need to follow up on any outstanding issues.

  7. How can Quality Control Advisor help my business?

    Quality Control Advisor is your solution for all QC-related tasks. It was built to be a self-serve tool, so you can access the comprehensive QC and remedy data you want, when you want it. View samples, upload files, check statuses, fulfill documentation requests, and submit appeals. You can also analyze your manufacturing process to find where it can be improved, manage the remedy process and view deficiency trend analysis.

  8. How do I access Quality Control Advisor?

    Access Quality Control Advisor via a single sign-on through the Freddie Mac Loan Advisor Suite® portal, an easy-to-use single point of access for every Loan Advisor Suite tool.

  9. Which browsers are compatible with Quality Control Advisor?

    Quality Control Advisor is compatible with Google Chrome.

  10. How can I add users to Quality Control Advisor?

    To add a user, request access from your organization's Customer Administrator.

  11. Is training available?

    Yes. Freddie Mac Quality Control Advisor Training provides training, tutorials and resources. Online help is also available within Quality Control Advisor.

  12. Can I use Quality Control Advisor to determine my representation and warranty relief for loans that have undergone a QC review?

    No. For tracking representation and warranty relief for loans sold to Freddie Mac, use Loan Coverage Advisor®, our tool for tracking the representation and warranty obligations for every loan you sell to us.

    When you submit your appraisal, you'll also be notified of eligibility for representation and warranty relief in the Uniform Collateral Data Portal® (UCDP®). Additionally, you can get notification in Loan Product Advisor®Loan Quality Advisor® and Loan Collateral Advisor®. You'll get final confirmation in Loan Selling Advisor®. They're all powerful tools in Freddie Mac Loan Advisor®.