New and updated Loan Product Advisor® (LPASM) feedback messages are always written to help you make faster decisions. They also align with the latest Single-Family Seller/Servicer Guide (Guide) updates and enhancements to our solutions. Check out message updates you’ll begin to receive in November:

  • Effective November 14, 2021 – New messages to provide you with more clarity and transparency on source types, purchase credit types, maximum number of proposed housing expenses and more – based on your unique loan scenarios. 
  • Effective November 15, 2021 – An updated message to align with the change to our long-term disability income requirements announced in Guide Bulletin 2021-16.
  • Effective November 15, 2021 – Updated single-wide manufactured homes and Freddie Mac Home Possible® messages announced in Guide Bulletin 2021-19.
  • Effective November 18, 2021 – New collateral representation and warranty relief message specific to appraisal waivers and Texas Homestead laws.*

*A Loan Quality Advisor feedback message has also been updated related to this change.

Click here to view the LPA feedback message updates and click here to view the Loan Quality Advisor message update.

For quick access to the latest feedback message updates to our tools, bookmark the Freddie Mac Loan Advisor® Resources and Learning web page.

Updates to Income Source and Income Type References

Guide Bulletin 2021-16 announced updates to income “source” and income “type” references to make sure the terms are used consistently throughout the Guide. We also announced that LPA messaging would be updated to reflect this change at a later date. After further review, we’ve determined that LPA messages were not impacted by this change and therefore no updates are needed.

REMINDER: The Way S2S Users Access Loan Quality Advisor Has Changed

On May 7, 2021, we announced that Freddie Mac would be transitioning Loan Quality Advisor system-to-system (S2S) integration users to access the tool through new URLs. This important update was made to strengthen the security of our tools and technology and help safeguard your information.

Today, only the new Loan Quality Advisor URLs are available to use. For more information and the new URLs, read the Single-Family news article.