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Equitable Housing

Enabling underserved minority communities to achieve the dream of homeownership.

What is Equitable Housing?

Freddie Mac is committed to addressing disparities in homeownership and increasing generational wealth building for communities of color.  We're focused on removing barriers and driving change through insights, education, mortgage products and business solutions.

Training Series for Loan Officers

A Seat at the Closing Table is a training series that provides support to loan officers, mortgage brokers and housing professionals who want to close the homeownership gap for minority borrowers.

Equitable Housing Mission

Freddie Mac is mission-driven, supporting an ever-evolving strategy to bring greater access to homeownership and affordable rental housing. We will continue to promote equity across all markets and dimensions to make home possible for more individuals and families across the country.

A New Podcast Series for Loan Officers

The Equitably SpeakingSM series is just one of the ways in which Freddie Mac is working to help mortgage professionals close the homeownership gap and address the unique housing challenges facing borrowers in underserved communities of color.

Generational Wealth Toolkits

Addressing the Homeownership Gap

Finance the Preservation of Affordable Housing

Address Systemic Underinvestment with Formerly Redlined Areas

Eliminate Disparities Among Members of Black & Latino Communities