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CreditSmart®: Driving Informed and Empowered Borrowers Through Education

Let us show you how CreditSmart® prepares consumers for their homebuying journey.

Learning Made Easy

The CreditSmart® Suite

CreditSmart is a suite of educational resources designed to empower consumers with the skills and knowledge to assist them through every stage of their financial capability and homeownership journey.

Learning Made Easy

  1. CreditSmart® Homebuyer U

    A comprehensive homeownership education course to help guide first-time homebuyers. Completion of this course delivers a homebuyer education certificate required for Home Possible® and HomeOne® mortgage loans. Available in English and Spanish.

  2. CreditSmart® Essentials

    Offers updated unique learning modules focused on topics from credit and money management to disaster resilience. Users can create and own a learning plan tailored to their specific needs. CreditSmart Essentials DOES NOT OFFER a homebuyer education certificate. Available in English and Spanish.

  3. CreditSmart® Coach

    Bring the power of CreditSmart to your communities by becoming a certified facilitator. This interactive financial capability training program gives you the skills and resources to help your clients reach their financial goals.

  4. CreditSmart® Multilingual

    Providing the value of CreditSmart financial capability in Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean.

  5. CreditSmart® Military

    Addresses specific needs of military service members and Veterans.

  6. About Us

    Learn what drives our passion for education.