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Seller/SMA Relationship

Allow a Freddie Mac approved Seller to submit a request to permit Freddie Mac to establish a relationship between the Seller and the identified Secondary Market Advisor (SMA) allowing the SMA to perform services on their behalf via Loan Selling Advisor System-to-System Access.

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  • Summary of Request
  • Certification and Agreement
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Are you already an approved Freddie Mac Seller/Servicer?

If you are not an approved Freddie Mac Seller/Servicer, you must first sign up for a Loan Product Advisor account.

Click here for instructions to the Seller/Servicer sign-up process.

Does your organization want to enroll in Access Manager?

Access Manager enables you to grant and control access to Freddie Mac tools. To save time and clicks. Access Manager eliminates most manual forms and lets you submit information electronically. Processing time to generate user ID and password can be as little as minutes. So you can certify/recertify users, get real-time reporting on-demand and reduce the amount of time spent on access management.

Learn More to find out how you can enroll today!