Happy Holidays! It’s time to celebrate a successful year end with key resources from the Uniform Collateral Dataset (UCD) to help you navigate Phase 3 critical edit testing in Loan Closing Advisor®.


To continue to help you prepare your systems to meet the May 1, 2023 Phase 3 critical edits implementation mandate, we are posting the following new and updated resources:

  • New Freddie Mac-specific UCD Phase 3 Critical Edit Resources
    • Training Module focusing on sections A: Origination Charges and E: Taxes and Other Government Fees

Recently Updated Resources

Coming Soon

The Loan Closing Advisor Feedback Message Document will be updated in the new year to reflect corrections made to the UCD Critical Edits matrix v5.


As you know, UCD Phase 3 critical edits and QM Short Reset ARM APR Percent data point warning and critical edits are available for testing in the Loan Closing Advisor production environment (warning edits) and customer testing environment (CTE) (critical and warning edits). Refer to the UCD November 7 Joint GSE Industry Announcement for more information.

For more information on the UCD critical edits transition, visit Freddie Mac's UCD web page. Please contact your Freddie Mac representative for assistance or submit your questions to [email protected].