It’s almost time to start closing out the year – do so on a strong note and help get your borrowers one step closer to homeownership with our upcoming December Loan Product Advisor® (LPA℠) releases.

NEW: Caution Message Updates to Help You Get to Accept

Effective December 10, you’ll start seeing enhanced Caution messages to help you quickly identify reasons why LPA returned a Caution risk class for the loan submission. Find new homeownership opportunities with the following updates:

  • Primary factor flagging: Messages that start with the words “Caution Factor” indicate the primary factors for the Caution risk class.
  • Additional details: Added messaging to explain the reason for the Caution.
  • Supplementary loan data: When applicable, loan data for debt-to-income ratios, borrower names, property information and loan terms appear in the messages to help you clear Cautions.

Additional December Loan Product Advisor Releases

December releases include:

  • Bi-annual updates to our credit reporting companies and technical affiliates
  • User experience enhancements to improve functionality and navigation for direct entry users of LPA through the Loan Advisor portal
  • Activation of asset and income modeler (AIM) for income using direct deposits for all users to start receiving feedback messages associated with representation and warranty relief when available
  • Truv as new AIM payroll service provider for verification of income and employment - check out the job aid for additional guidance

Get full details in the December LPA release notes and check out the full list of December 2023 feedback messages.