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Freddie Automated Servicing Transfer (FAST®) FAQ

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  1. What is FAST Delivery User Interface (FAST UI) tool?

    The FAST UI tool is used to upload loan files from the Seller to the Cash-Released XChange® and Co-Issue XChange® Transferee Servicers. With this tool, you can upload loan files easily and receive real-time confirmation and error messages.

  2. Why am I having trouble logging in using my FAST user ID and Password?

    FAST is a service in Freddie Mac Loan Advisor, and users log in using their Freddie Mac Loan Advisor credentials. If you are having trouble logging in please contact the security administrator within your organization to verify that you have access to the FAST application. Users can register for FAST through Freddie Mac Access Manager

    To change your password or if you forgot your password, navigate to the Loan Advisor Single Sign-On page, and select “Forgot Your Username / Password” located below the “sign-on” button.

  3. What are the file and content requirements when uploading loan files into FAST?

    The file type must be:

    • Formatted as a .zip file or compressed as a WINZIP file
    • Contain imaged documents (in either .pdf or .TIFF format) for only one specific loan.

    The .zip file name must be constructed as follows:

    • Freddie Mac nine-digit Loan number
    • Dash (-)
    • Freddie Mac six-digit, Servicer Identification Number
    • Dash (-)
    • End with a specific numbering sequence (1, 2, 3, etc.). If you upload multiple .zip files for one loan, number the files in sequential order (e.g. if it’s the first upload file for a specified loan, the number is 1; if it’s the second upload for the same file, the number is 2, etc.).

    Note: The file extension (.zip) does not need to be manually added to the file name; it will be added automatically when the file is saved.

  4. How do I know whether/not my file was delivered to the Transferee Servicer?

    The daily reconciliation summary report available through the FAST UI (through the Reporting function), contains your servicing file transfer activity for the most recent 30-day period. The aggregated report is available in .CSV format and is available at 9 p.m. ET, on the Freddie Mac business day. Check the “Delivery Date Time” column to see if it is populated. If it does not, you must re-upload the file.

  5. Why did my documents fail to upload?

    Files that fail to upload will receive error messages that display in red font. Reasons files fail to upload include:

    • The uploaded file is not a .zip file.
    • File uploaded was not named correctly (see question 3).
    • File uploaded does not match the correct Servicer Identification Number
    • The .zip file contains a folder.
    • Loan has not funded.
    • A loan file with the same sequence number has already been uploaded and processed.
    • The pdf(s) are damaged or corrupted and cannot be opened, or there is no pdf within the .zip file.
  6. Why is my document not uploading to the UI?

    The FAST UI tool works better with certain browsers. Make sure you're using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. For troubleshooting, clear out the cache or restart your browser.

  7. What are the benefits of using the FAST UI tool?

    With this tool, you can upload loan files easily, receive real-time confirmation messages and minimize delivery errors.

  8. Can the FAST document delivery process be automated?

    Yes. However, automation can only be done through a SFTP, not the FAST UI.

    For additional questions on process automation, contact [email protected].

  9. Can I use FAST for Co-Issue XChange or Correspondent XChange loans?

    FAST is mandatory for Cash-Released XChange and available for select Co-Issue XChange loans. FAST is currently not available for Correspondent XChange loans.

  10. When are the files due?

    Files are required to be uploaded to FAST within 3 business days after the loan funds with Freddie Mac.