Seller-owned Modified Mortgages make it possible to quickly and easily meet your borrowers’ needs — without another closing. Get the flexibility you need with time savings and convenience that comes from fewer documentation and verification requirements. 

Use Seller-owned Modified Mortgages to augment existing customer relationships, while also providing an exceptional enhancement to your product line to benefit borrowers.

With Seller-owned Modified Mortgages, you will be able to expand your product line with a borrower-retention alternative to refinances, reduce loan runoff from your servicing portfolio with a competitive option for your current borrowers, leverage the secondary market through Freddie Mac to effectively manage your portfolio with an outlet for your modified loans, take advantage of flexibility for your Seller-owned Modified Mortgage and seasoned mortgage sales with seasoning based on the modification date, not the original note date and enhance your relationship with your existing borrowers and benefit from cross-sell opportunities.