Servicing Data Corrections

We’ve automated the data corrections process, and it’s simpler than ever.

Servicing Data Corrections is a manual process reimagined into a new servicing tool and is easily available via single sign-on within Servicing Gateway.

The tool offers an automated and quick way to:

  • Submit/track post-settlement data corrections requests
  • Submit/track REO data correction requests
  • Submit/track HAMP recast data correction requests
  • View/track loan-level data correction requests*

You can also directly integrate with Resolve through application programming interfaces (APIs).

data correction

Data Corrections Made Easy

Experience the new automated way to submit data correction requests. While it saves you time and money, you’ll also have access to more data. It’s transparency and efficiency like never before.


About 80% less entries and only one transaction per correction request.


A dashboard that shows the status of your correction requests.

Data Quality

Variety of reporting features to oversee your data.

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