Post-Fund Data Correction Tool

Origination data correction requests made easy.

Your post-fund data correction requests for origination and delivery data delivered through Loan Selling Advisor® can be submitted simply and quickly through our automated Post-Fund Data Correction tool. This tool is available through the Freddie Mac Servicing Gateway  – an all-in-one portal that provides easy access and single sign-on for Freddie Mac’s servicing tools.

Seller/Servicers are required to electronically submit data correction requests using the Post-Fund Data Correction tool.

*The Post-Fund Data Correction tool does not replace Servicing Data Corrections, which must be used for submitting Post Settlement Data - Modifications, Post Settlement Data - Liquidations, REO Rollback, and Loan Level Reporting data correction requests.

data correction

Fast, Easy, Transparent Corrections

Automate your workflow for data correction requests, giving you a quick turnaround time and reduced risk of errors from less manual entry. Transact quickly using the bulk feature for data correction requests on loans with funding errors. It’s a more transparent way to correct delivery data originally submitted through Loan Selling Advisor®.

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