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Post-Fund Data Correction Tool FAQ

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  1. What are the benefits of using the Post-Fund Data Correction tool?

    The tool can provide you more control over your origination/delivery data corrections and a faster, easier and more transparent way for you to request correction of delivery data originally submitted through Loan Selling Advisor®. Since corrections are automated through PFDC, many corrections can be processed the same day. The Tool also allows you to track your submitted correction requests and provides a historical record of all corrections.

  2. What types of data correction requests can I submit through the Post-Fund Data Correction tool?

    PFDC will process corrections for mortgage data originally delivered through Loan Selling Advisor, including data imported via XML or entered directly into Loan Selling Advisor. You’ll receive real time feedback messages on your submitted correction requests through the tool.

  3. Who can use the Post-Fund Data Correction tool?

    The tool is available to Freddie Mac Seller/Servicers. Note that it is separate from the Servicing Data Corrections tools, which Servicers must use to submit/track post-settlement and REO data correction requests, and report loan-level reporting data correction requests.

  4. How do I get provisioned for access to PFDC?

    If your company uses Access Manager, contact your administrator and request that they provision you for access to the Post-Fund Data Correction tool. If you do not use Access Manager, request access by completing the Post-Fund Data Correction tool Access Request Form.

    Freddie Mac will process your request and issue you a user ID and password.
  5. Once I have been provisioned for access, how do I log into the Tool?

    Once you have your user ID and Password, log in at and select the Post-Fund Data Correction Tool from the My Tools tab.

  6. Who should I contact with questions or for support?

    Please contact the Customer Support Contact Center at 800-FREDDIE.

  7. Where can I learn more about using the Post-Fund Data Correction Tool?

    The Post-Fund Data Correction Tool: System Overview tutorial provides a comprehensive look at, including logging into Servicing Gateway, navigating through the tool, searching for and submitting corrections and importing loans for data correction.

    For additional information and resources, visit the Post-Fund DataCorrection Tool web page.
  8. Am I required to use the Post-Fund Data Correction tool to submit my origination and delivery correction requests?

    Yes. All Seller/Servicers are required to electronically submit Loan Selling Advisor data correction requests using the Post-Fund Data Correction tool.