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Understanding Today's Landscape for Real Estate Professionals

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Research Overview

We conducted a research study from September 30 through October 18, 2020, to understand the perception of real estate professionals nationwide, with respect to the challenges and opportunities COVID-19 has created in today's housing landscape. The research also explored the impact of the pandemic on specific homebuyer segments such as low- to moderate-income homebuyers first-time homebuyers, and communities of color.

This research initiative was led by Carmen Mercado’s, senior affordable lending manager, real estate outreach team, Client and Community Engagement, and Freddie Mac Corporate Research in collaboration with real estate diversity associations and national brokerage partners. 

How We Did It

Over 1,500 participants completed our online survey, providing valuable feedback to help uncover needs, determine the best ways to engage the real estate audience, and uncover insights into first-time homebuyers and communities of color. The survey covered the following areas in approximately 30 questions, with the addition of partner proprietary questions customized for their membership.

  • Challenges encountered with industry, peers, and homebuyers
  • Best practices and approaches engaged
  • COVID-19 impacts to business
  • Underwriting
  • Sources of accessing information about the industry and homebuyer psychographics
  • Training needs
  • Use of social media to conduct business 

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