The Uniform Closing Dataset (UCD) critical edits Phase 2 transition from warning to critical in Loan Closing Advisor® occurs on March 31, 2022. We strongly recommend that lenders confirm with their software partners that you have the most up-to-date release supporting all UCD critical edits for Phase 2.

Preparing for Transition

We recommend referring to the following resources available on the Freddie Mac UCD web page to confirm your readiness for the Phase 2 transition:

Additionally, we created a Top Loan Closing Advisor Critical Error Messages – UCD Critical Edits Phase 2 job aid to help lenders resolve top Loan Closing Advisor® error messages related to UCD critical edits for Phase 2.

Lenders and software partners should also use these resources to complete transition activities ahead of schedule to ensure your organization’s readiness in advance of each of the remaining phases.

For more information on the UCD critical edits transition, visit the Freddie Mac UCD web page. Please contact your Freddie Mac representative for assistance or submit your questions to our UCD mailbox: [email protected].