The January 14, 2023 Condo Project Advisor® release gives you back some time, by helping you streamline the Project Assessment Request (PAR) results review process. Here’s what to expect:

It’s Easier to Find What You Need

Want to find your data faster – especially on PARs without a certificate? Now you can get back to the Project Assessment Results Summary page by clicking the PAR number within the My Workspace or the Project Assessment Results page.

We’ve also added a new “Filter By” option to the Project Assessment Results page so you can filter by PAR records with or without a generated PAR Condo Project Advisor Feedback Certificate. You’ll have the ability to focus on submissions for loan delivery and maintaining mortgage loan files.

Additionally, the Project Assessment table fields on the My Workspace and Project Assessment Results page have been reorganized so the most relevant ones are front and center.

Lastly, it’s now easier to quickly see what’s available and navigate in Condo Project Advisor with the addition of Homepage, Project Assessment Request and New Waiver Request to the My Preferences options.

Add Efficiency to Your Review

New export functionality on the Project Assessment Results page allows you to download the records displayed for easy review.

Finally, now you can save time with the addition of the copy/paste function to the Project Assessment Results page and various fields throughout the Project Waiver Request process.

Log in to Condo Project Advisor to check out these new enhancements or read the release notes for more information.