Eligible Homeowners Can Access Employment Opportunities with NextJob®

Did you know?

11 million

Almost 11 million people in the U.S. remain unemployed

4.8 percent

90-day mortgage delinquencies are at 4.8%, the highest rate since 2010.

50 percent

Approximately 50% of all mortgage defaults are due to unemployment.


Freddie Mac has partnered with NextJob®, a national re-employment solutions company, to help servicers assist eligible homeowners with Home Possible® and HFA Advantage® mortgages in specific high-needs areas who experience employment challenges.

The NextJob program lowers foreclosure rates, lifts home-retention rates and can strengthen your relationship with your borrowers. NextJob participants have found employment within four months of completing the programs. Participating homeowners receive one-on-one on-demand job coaching, learn how to tap into online job search systems and have access to weekly web workshops.

To learn more on identifying and enrolling eligible borrowers, read the HFA Advantage homeowner and existing homeowner fact sheets. Visit Freddie Mac’s Rural Housing web page for more information.