CreditSmart® Essentials (Essentials) is just that ̶ the essentials of personal financial learning. It offers a comprehensive financial capability curriculum for consumers with unique learning modules focused on personal finance topics from money management to disaster resilience.

Your clients can personalize their learning path to ensure their experience focuses on what matters most to them. CreditSmart Essentials is tailored to fit their needs. Need credit basics? There’s a course for that. Planning on buying a car? There’s one for that too—and much more.

Essentials is for consumers at any stage of their home journey ̶ from first-time homebuyers seeking ways to gauge their financial preparedness to current homeowners facing financial hurdles. Essentials offers:

  • Accessibility via mobile, tablet and desktop.
  • Curated learning paths based on financial goals entered by the user.
  • Progress trackers and personal dashboards.
  • Pause/resume functionality for maximum flexibility.
  • Audio function and ability to follow along.
  • Interactive tools, videos, vision boards and infographics.
  • Downloadable resources.
  • ADA accessibility.
CreditSmart Essentials Module Topics


Let us partner with you to empower your clients. Whether they’re at the starting point of their home exploration, are near-ready or have been previously declined and seeking direction for preparedness, your expertise can guide a homebuyer’s next steps.