On March 17, Condo Project Advisor® will have a slightly different look and feel and a few new bells and whistles. That’s because the latest release includes user interface (UI) updates and enhancements to both the project waiver request (PWR) and project assessment request (PAR) exports that make using the tool and reviewing your submissions easier. Here’s what’s new:

UI Updates

When you log in, things will look different, but you’ll still have all the same functionality and the same workflow for submitting PARs. Here’s a few of the updates to expect on the Project Assessment Request and PAR Results Summary pages:

  • Feedback certificate not generated pop-up – If you submit a PAR without the Loan Product Advisor® (LPASM) Key or Seller Loan Number, you’ll receive a reminder that a Condo Project Advisor Feedback Certificate wasn’t generated because it can’t be generated without those inputs.
  • Export button added – Easily export results by clicking the blue download icon on the top right of the page.
  • Most pivotal assessment messages front and center – When a PAR is submitted and a project receives a Yellow assessment, the Eligibility Requirements Identified assessment messages now appear above the Eligibility Requirements Not Assessed messages.
  • Collapsible accordions for assessment messages – You can roll up displayed messages in both the Eligibility Requirements Identified and Eligibility Requirements Not Assessed headers to reduce on-page scrolling.

Additionally, we updated the links in the notifications (bell icon found in the top right of the header bar in the tool). So,  when you click the links, you’re taken straight to the details page for your PWR.

PWR Pipeline Details Export Updates

Blanks fields will no longer be counted in the export so you can run pivot tables and review analytics more easily (e.g., How many PWRs you submitted under the Leased Amenities exception category).

PAR Export Updates

Just like with the PWR export, the PAR export is being updated so blank fields will no longer be counted, allowing you to run pivot tables and review analytics more easily (e.g., How many of your PAR submissions included LPA Keys).

Additionally, the PAR export now includes a Y/N for whether a feedback certificate was generated for a specific PAR submission. This provides another way for you to sort the export and more easily identify PARs that already have feedback certificates.

These updates will be available starting on March 17, so log in then and check them out or review the release notes to learn more