Desktop Appraisals: A Practical Guide for Lenders

When it comes to evaluating the collateral on a loan, there are more options than ever. One recently revived option is the desktop appraisal. After the success it garnered as a temporary COVID-19 flexibility, Freddie Mac recently added the desktop appraisal option to its Single-Family Seller/Servicer Guide. This has led to some questions about when and how lenders – and their borrowers – can take advantage of it.

Watch Danny Wiley, Single-Family Director of Valuation, and Scott Reuter, Single-Family Chief Appraiser, as they discuss:

• How the new desktop appraisal offering is different from the prior temporary offering.
• When a desktop appraisal is the right solution.
• Meeting the floor plan and building sketch requirements.
• Underwriting desktop appraisals.

• And more…

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