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ACD Data Collection System User Access Request Form

The Alternative Collateral Deal (ACD) Data Collection System is a web-based application that gives Servicers the ability to transmit their monthly ACD data to Freddie Mac for active and closed loans and related REO.

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ACD Data Collection System Access Request Form

Use this Guided Form to quickly get access to the ACD tool. Please reach out to your ACD Coordinator or [email protected] if you have any questions about this form.

This Freddie Mac ACD Data Collection System User ID Request Form (“User ID Form”) identify Servicer's employees that have been authorized by Servicer to use the ACD Data Collection System (each an "Authorized User") and assigned to submit loan data through the ACD Data Collection System for loans serviced by Servicer (the "Activities"). By virtue of Servicer’s submission of a User ID Form to Freddie Mac, Servicer is certifying, representing and warranting to Freddie Mac that the Authorized User(s) are authorized by Servicer to perform the Activities. Servicer must submit a new User ID Form to assign, delete or change Authorized User(s).