UPDATED: We are moving the implementation of our multifactor authentication (MFA) enhancements to July 21, 2024, due to technical issues and to ensure the registration proceeds smoothly. This means registering for the Ping ID® mobile application for Freddie Mac applications will not be available until July 21.

Freddie Mac is committed to continuously enhancing and improving our security standards. We previously instituted multifactor authentication (MFA) to provide greater security when accessing our systems. To further strengthen security, as of July 21, 2024, we’ll no longer support SMS/text or voice for MFA.

Risks Associated with SMS/Text and Voice MFA

Recent information suggests SMS/text and voice-based MFA are more vulnerable than other MFA methods to different types of attacks. Due to an increased number of cyberattacks focused on financial institutions, lack of encryption, network outages, social engineering and SIM swapping, there are additional risks associated with these authentication methods.

We’re Enabling a Stronger Form of MFA

Effective July 21, you’ll have two options for MFA: email and the new Ping ID® mobile application. We encourage you to register both methods so you’ll still be able to access our password-protected applications in the event you don’t have access to your primary method. The Ping ID mobile application is the preferred authentication method. It's also the most user-friendly, secure option and works on any modern mobile device.

How Does This Impact Me on July 21?

If you access Freddie Mac password-protected applications, you’re already registered for MFA. The impacts of this change will be minimal; they depend on what method(s) you’re currently using for MFA.

I’m Already Using Email as My Primary or Secondary Method

If you’re already using email as a primary or secondary MFA method, there will be no impact to you on July 21, for this MFA method. If you’re also registered with SMS/text or voice, these methods will go away and email will become your primary method. However, we recommend that you also register for the newly introduced Ping ID mobile application.

I’m Only Using SMS/Text or Voice as My Primary or Secondary Method

On July 21, these methods will go away. When you access Freddie Mac applications for the first time beginning July 21, you’ll be prompted to re-register for MFA using the email address associated with your account or by using the new Ping ID mobile application. It’s recommended that you register for both Ping ID mobile and email.

How to Register for Ping ID Mobile App

Beginning July 21, you can register for the Ping ID mobile application from any Freddie Mac application login page.

Select the Management Portal link and login. After logging in: 

  • Click the image with your username in the upper right corner 
  • Select “Devices” 
  • Select “Add” 
  • Follow the directions to download and register the Ping ID mobile application.

Access our our Help Guide: Introduction to MFA for more information.