As previously announced, effective October 12, we’re enhancing the Loan Selling Advisor® cash-specified payup pricing processes. With these changes, the value of the cash-specified payup will be included in the mandatory fixed rate note-rate level prices when creating a Freddie Mac price sheet or taking out a cash contract.

Key Details

The following enhancements will impact the Loan Selling Advisor website. Refer to the key details table below so you can start preparing:

Testing Opportunity

To ensure our Loan Selling Advisor website users have ample time to update their systems and test their integrations, we will soon be announcing testing dates along with customer test environment details so customers can prepare for the required change to our cash pricing process:

Additional Resources

As you begin analysis and planning, please review the following resources:

    1. Loan Selling Advisor Website Preview. For illustrative purposes only, we are providing a job aid of some of the changes to our website requests.
    2. Product to Cash Specified Payup Mapping. For illustrative purpose only, we are providing the current product mapping, which is subject to change at any time. 
    3. Current Cash Spec Payup Grid. Sample ‘Cash Spec Payup’ grid that we publish daily via Loan Selling Advisor®.  Please note that this grid will be retired after we rollout the new changes, and all cash-specified pay up pricing will be included in the prices returned when creating a Freddie Mac price sheet or cash contract.


Upcoming Activities:

  • Update our Single-Family Seller/Servicer Guide
  • Announce testing availability dates and provide updated readiness materials as we approach key dates