The State of Affordability 2022

Replay our The State of Affordability 2022 panel discussion as we highlight perspective from experts within the affordable housing ecosystem to benchmark the state current state of affordability, accessibility and equality in housing.

The discussion will:

  • Identify significant data and trends impacting the future.
  • Outline key challenges and opportunities to prompt impactful change.
  • Get up to speed on today’s market.
  • Discover how the industry can evolve to better serve tomorrow’s markets, together.



  • Danny Gardner, Senior Vice President, Client and Community Engagement, Freddie Mac Single-Family


  • Lesley Deutch, Managing Principal, John Burns Real Estate Consulting
  • Ayanna Forston, Vice President of Housing & Community Development, National Urban League
  • Cerita Battles, Managing Director, Head of Community & Affordable Lending, JPMorgan Chase
  • Robert Dietz, Senior Vice President and Chief Economist, National Association of Home Builders

State of Affordability 2022 Timestamps:

6:04 – Housing supply challenges and the impact on future homeowners

11:32 – The Housing deficit

15:52 – The impact of supply and affordability on communities of color and underserved areas

22:37 – New construction challenges and solutions

32:28 – Increasing housing stock