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Execution Options

Take advantage of a securities execution utilizing Loan Selling Advisor® for the loans you originate to receive high-quality, AAA-rated, liquid securities that can help meet your business objectives. Maximize the benefits of selling mortgages in exchange for a  security through these options.

Fixed-rate guarantor execution: For $1 million or more of your fixed-rate mortgages, you’ll receive a Freddie Mac Uniform Mortgage-Backed SecuritySM (UMBS®), which you can trade in the “To-be-Announced” (TBA) market.

WAC ARM guarantor execution: For a minimum of $500,000, we offer a competitive security for your adjustable rate mortgages that adjust based on the 30-day average SOFR-index. You’ll receive a Participation Certificate, which you can hold in your investment portfolio.

MultiLender swap execution: With a low, $1,000 minimum commitment amount, you can exchange one or more fixed-rate mortgages for a proportional percentage of a Freddie Mac security.

Understand Your Timeline for Getting Ready

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Get Started with Training & Education

Single-Family’s Sell for Securities Roadmap: Use this interactive roadmap to guide you through the process of doing guarantor business with us. From pricing and pooling to contracts, loan delivery and fulfillment, you’ll understand the steps required for issuance of the security.

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Single-Family’s Sell for Securities Toolkit: An interactive, one-stop tool to assist you in selling for securities through our Guarantor execution. Through this tool, you can access a variety of tutorials job aids, and more. It contains a table of contents and search capability which simplify navigation.